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I'm kind of in a state of disbelief here.

I have been very vocal about the fact that I believe that Chandler Massey is the best actor on the entire show (and, quite frankly, the best actor in daytime). I know that some people will consider that an overstatement, but that's my honest opinion. There are plenty of good actors on Days, and in daytime television in general, but none have ever been able to consistently make me feel for their character the way that Chandler has been able to, and that's ultimately the most important determining factor for me -- that intangible something that causes a gut instinct that this actor is head and shoulders above the rest.

I'm going to hate saying goodbye to Chandler's version of Will, and it's going to be very hard for me to accept a recast, but I figured that, despite Ken Corday's previous statements to the contrary, a recast was sort of inevitable, since Freddie Smith had not yet announced any plans to leave the show and I highly doubted that the writers would ever truly break up Will and Sonny. I was just holding out hope that Chandler might change his mind between now and December, when his contract was set to expire, which would have eliminated the need for a recast. Otherwise, I would have preferred for Will and Sonny to leave together and for another gay couple to take center stage on the show. While I'm also a big fan of Freddie and wouldn't have wanted him to leave, I also didn't want to see Will and Sonny break up, be together off-screen (like Bo and Hope), or be together on-screen with a different actor playing Will, so seeing them leave together would have been the least horrible option for me. Oh well.

I hope that these final months of Chandler's version of Will include some more love scenes for Will and Sonny, but that's probably too much to hope for.

I also hope that we find out who this recast is soon. Whoever he is, he has incredibly big shoes to fill, and I fear that the Will and Sonny pairing will never be the same, but I'll try my best to give him a fair chance.

I've always been the kind of viewer who watches the show every day, no matter what -- since 1995, I have never missed an episode, even when I hated the storylines and the actors who were front and center (*coughs* James Scott *coughs*). I've never understood why anyone would be a "fair weather" viewer who regularly abandons the show when things aren't going their way. Ultimately, I still don't -- daytime television has never been about one actor, character, or storyline -- but knowing that we will soon be losing Eileen Davidson and now, far more importantly (to me, anyway), Chandler, is the closest that I've ever been to feeling like I'll no longer have a reason to watch the show when they leave. It's still not nearly enough to make me abandon the show, but it's the only thing that's ever made me even begin to consider that possibility.

This site really needs a "heavy sigh" emoticon.

:'( (I don't even like the blue emoticons, but none of the others adequately convey the sadness that this news has caused.)
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