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Aug 23 2013, 07:50 PM
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What was the highest day last week? The day of Sami's hearing right? a very EJAMI centric day.....maybe just maybe its not couples and the show as a whole and its pacing....after all this couple was here front and center when the ratings was going up and up and up.
By your argument could not have people saw what happened thursday and decided not to tune in friday because it?

Ratings have been in a steady downfall. Its jagged week to week usually but days has been losing viewers for a while. I think its c ouples annd stories. Both are codependent.
EJ in Rafe's room, Sami with Kate.....would that be what people did not want to see and tuned out for? And I was not making a point that EJAMI brought the high rating that day, just that if a couple is being blamed for the slump, then the day they are heavily focused on, would not be the highest for the week.

placing the blame on a couple that existed when ratings were good and rising making new highs for DOOL doesn't mesh....
It happens on both sides every single week. I don't think there's a single couple that's been on this show that hasn't been together both when ratings were awful and when ratings were up. This is true for Dannifer, Ejami, Safe, Ejole, Lumi, WilSon, Nabi, all the vet couples, and every other couple I can think of with the possible exception of the couples involving newer characters in the beginning of 2011. There's just no point in mentioning characters' names.
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