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Aug 23 2013, 09:56 PM
Aug 23 2013, 09:39 PM
Just looks at the Fall previews for Days. It's clear they are putting everything out there in the Fall. They are basically story building now. That is typical Days. The period we're in now is the period we were in during March/Apri only it makes more sense to be having a lull like this now as it's summer and people aren't really watching TV anyway. If it weren't for the Daysaster numbers last year, I don't think it would look that bad for Days vs last year but those high numbers last year make it look worse this year. These are realistic summer numbers, especially when nothing is going on. I expected these numbers most of the summer and I think it's a good sign Days took so long to get these kind of numbers this summerl. The show will rebound as soon as things start happening in the Fall. The show clearly has big stuff planned based off the previews. It'll be fine. It always is. This show surges back more times than any other show. It's just doing what it likes to do...amping things up come Fall. Come November, you'll look back at these numbers and wonder why you panicked. It happens every year.
Don't mistake hope for panic. ;)

Really though, I think Phoenix Rising is pretty on target with this. Obviously the show has been in a holding pattern for July and August, and I assume the drama will pick up in September like it always does. Spoilers already indicate that is what will happen. Overall I think the show is in decent shape because it has had pretty well-thought-out storylines for most of the year and they still seem to be on track with them. There are definitely some featured couples/characters that I don't like, but I still think that the stories involving them are fairly well-crafted. The show isn't perfect and I think they need to stagger story climaxes better, but it's a vast improvement from the constantly changing direction and lacklng of build-up/pacing that we saw under MarDar.
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