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Aug 22 2013, 10:01 PM
Lily and Cane and Billy and Victoria win in my book for couples that have outstayed their welcome. It's definitely long past the time to break up these couples. Victoria is the most annoying with her teenage antics and messy stringy hair just like a little girl.

Cane is right on up there with his creepy trying-to-be-sexy-but-failing-miserably banter with Lily.

And I just have to say Sharon is creeping me out with her cookoo deer in headlights stares. I need her to go away. (And y'all know that Sharon is my girl but this chick is fruitloops with a side of nuts)
Some of your posting, I agree with, especially the part about "Victoria is the most annoying with her teenage antics and messy, stringy hair". What is up with them not fixing Victoria's hair??? I am thinking that it is to signify the part she is playing as a spoiled brat instead of a grown-ass, woman! I mean, when Billy was talking to her about their past episodes and she was singing and her hair was smooth and looking really nice and they were happy, so I guess they want her to look disheveled to signify the issues in their relationship. Also, I agree with the Sharon looking "coo-coo" with the deer-in-the-headlights" look that she has been sporting lately! I cannot wait for the storyline with her creating havoc to be over and her deeds revealed! I like Sharon and I do not like the way her character has been portrayed lately. (I heard that the actress, Sharon Case who portrays Sharon Newman is enjoying the way she is being portrayed! I guess it gives her more screen time or something!)
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