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There is no need to speculate or draw back on yester year, he had the chance and he did not say a thing, not even to Sami....so yes, he kept his mouth shut purely to protect Chad.
"The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior" is a reasonably well known quote.

I don't see why we have to draw a blanket over all of history. Part of the wealth of Days and Soaps are their history. If the history of the show wasn't important we could just have random 45 minute episodes starting at any moment in time.

Back to topic. He's had no reason that using that information would benefit him, in fact from memory at the moment keeping that information secret is what benefits him. When and if it benefits him to use that information EJ will do just that. I don't think "protecting Chad" is enough of a reason for EJ not to use information to be a threat to Gabi.

Although all that said I don't think they have any intention on revisiting that period in time and will be surprised if it is ever delved into with any depth. I'm sure they will focus on new things to provide for a Sonny Gabi rift.
History should not be ignored, its relevance though should play a key part but most especially when it literally just happened, there is no way to get around it. Like I said before, when Gabi and her entire situation was being a threat to Sami and Will (which is basically his life), not once did he even consider throwing Chad under the bus. In fact he would not even tell Sami what it was when she pressed him........its easy to go the 'woulda coulda shoulda' route, but when it comes to THIS scenario, there is very little room for it.
Who do you think is most likely to expose
:flipoff: Gabi crime?Will it be Chad/Nick/Sonny?
Gabi is getting back into the swing of things
with Nick,but what will happen when Nick
wants something from Gabi?I hope she
can deliver.
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