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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepDaysofourLives: More BTS fun with @KJAlfonso @greg_vaughan @camilabanus @nbcdays #Days #DOOL http://pic.twitter.com/5y1ZSdAlQT

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Yes BE is an NBC executive ,
VP of Daytime programming or something like that.
my modified question: how many other soaps have network execs prominently visible at episode milestones, Daytime Emmys, etc?
BE used to go to Day of Days at Universal too. As far as other executives from other networks
I don't know the only other onE I have ever met at an event was Brad Bell & he was extremely friendly & chatty with all of the fans .
Brian Frons is probably the most well-known example. He was a network executive for daytime programming at all three major networks at one time or another (CBS, NBC, ABC) and was said to be highly involved in the inner workings of the soaps for which he was in charge.

Generally, lots of people (from writers to producers to actors) have noted the close involvement of network execs over the years in daytime (soap) programming. It's not really all that new.

However, it does seem that Bruce Evans is especially hands on, and it's become more noticeable in the last couple of years -- we've seen his name and his face a lot more since 2012 or so, even though he's been around since 2008. Days is their only soap. I wonder if he's as hands on with the other daytime programming at NBC as he seems to be with Days.

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