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From the 8/26/13 episodes:

I'm really liking the slow-dance that JR/Cara & David are doing about Oliver. It's just a matter of time before shithead JR lourdes it over David about having a "secret" and demanding something from him, or JR blackmailing Cara with it. Poor David...I can't wait till he finds out. Then it'll be Poor Cara - you really should have told him the truth! But then that wouldn't be much soapy fun.

LOVED the Myrtle flashback today - I really wish they could have found a way to make Zach her long-lost grandson, those two were just beyond fabulous!

I'm beginning to wonder whether I should remain bored silly by Celia - there's just not much there, but with Opal getting weird vibes whenever she's near her, it might be something worth watching. I like Opal & Colby teaming up though - it was fun & will be until Pete finds out about it, then he's gonna be PISSED at his mom! And sorry, but you can smell a skunk from quite a distance, even if they aren't spraying anything...there's no way Pete & Celia wouldn't have noticed that thing.

Dixie & Dr. Anders...if they pair them up - which is I believe where they're headed - it means they have to kill off Tad & actually find the actual body & actually prove that he's actually dead. I wish we knew more about whether MEK will return or not - I'd love to see him again, but if he can't return, Dixie & Dr. Anders could be MAJOR good stuff. The more I see him, the more I like him.

Jesse. Just. Don't. You KNOW Angie is gonna find out and you KNOW she's gonna be pissed off. Just. Don't.

Heather, please, stop talking and walk away. To where I neither know nor care...just do it now.

Zach and Miranda are beyond cute, but the more I see of him with Lea, the more I want him single for a while. They need to resolve him & Kendall first...and if they get rid of Kendall, they need a very sappy/soapy deathbed goodbye between them for us Zendall fans who've admired the chemistry since day 1!!

And lastly...LMAO at JR challenging David. He still hasn't figured it out & probably never will - and what fun would it be if he did!! Get him, David!!
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