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I'm so with you about the Oliver storyline. It's a good one and they're setting it up very well so far. You know JR will blow the secret. He's not reliable in any way, shape or form. I know Vincent Irizarry will do the reveal moment so well and I'm looking forward to it like a crazy person.

The Myrtle flashback was an unexpected treat. She's always great to see, especially now when AMC seems overrun by characters with no history or purpose (hi, Lea!) and new characters who are frontburner who are harder for me to like (hi, Celia!).

I'm an optimist when it comes to Kendall returning, so I'm going to keep hoping that all these mentions of her mean something. Ginger Smith once said that if AMC keeps mentioning a character's name, it's because he or she is going to show up soon. We heard about Kendall a few times in today's two episodes. I don't think Zach is going to be single for long, once he gets rid of Barnacle Bill (Lea). If Kendall does show up and Lea is still around, there'd be no contest. Zendall for the win!

Heather's voice annoys me. Her cluelessness about how Miranda feels annoys me. I'm a fan of making the audience wait for the guy and the girl to admit how they feel about each other, but right now, everyone involved is a little too dumb for my taste.

I'm more interested in Dixie and Anders than I thought I'd be, but nothing can take the place of Tad and Dixie. I hope TPTB know that.

Colby and Opal should have been funnier. It was kinda dumb what they did. I expected more.
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