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Another thing I found out in Chicago is there may be no more scenes between Chandler and Bryan.

Bryan was brought up by somebody and I mentioned how underrated he is and how he's never used on the show. I asked Chandler if he had taped any scenes with Bryan that we would see before his exit. Chandler said "there is nothing coming". I repeated the question and asked if he means they honestly we won't see any more scenes between them. He repeated the same answer. Now we did see the rumors that Bryan was possibly gone. But 4 months with no Will and Lucas? Even for Christmas where we know Bryan was in studio? Unless Will is some how not around or some how taping by himself for some reason and it's fitting into the transition of the new Will coming in. I'm guessing at best there is very limited airtime for the remainder of Chandler's time between Will and Lucas.

Chandler also also said that Friday he only taped a couple of scenes which included Arianna. Maybe there those weren't his only scenes but his last words where the same as his first words when he began on the show with "huhhhh" and they were to Arianna. He did not tape with Freddie at all on Friday.

This was another question that kind of silenced the table for a few seconds. Chandler answered questions but didn't elaborate much :ermmmm: .
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