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I don't need see sex scenes to see chemistry, but I also wish there was more intimacy for Will and Sonny. WilSon wouldn't have the huge fan base that they do if they didn't have chemistry. I can't say for sure, but I think they brought in younger viewers. They've generated a lot of buzz over the last year. Chemistry is subjective anyway. A few people on this board don't see it and that's fine.

When WilSon had good angst and writing, more people saw chemistry. Lately WilSon have barely been on (which could possibly be a reason for decreased younger viewers?) and most of their scenes have just been regular conversations. Not a lot of emotion to work with; not since the shooting/Gabi's birth scenes in May I believe. I hope they get better writing for Chandler's last months, but it doesn't sound like they will. But then again not many of Days best actors, ie Chandler, James, Ari, Freddie, have been given much lately, which is a shame because they slay emotional scenes.

I hope the NuWill can act and has chem w/ Freddie, but we'll just have to wait and see.
Also, it sucks that Chandler doesn't have any more scenes with Bryan, because they had great father/son rapport.
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