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I agree with DrewH. Several players have threatened to self-evict before. That's nothing new. Saying you want to, and actually doing it are 2 separate things. Elissa's best friend in the house, and ONLY friend, was about to be evicted by the "house", the same house that's been hitting Elissa below the belt for far too long. Forgive her for being upset & saying she wanted to self-evict. But did she actually do it? No. She fought her ass off & won HoH.

I don't care who you are... no one should ever be bullied like Amanda has been bullying Elissa. Trash talking her physical appearance & her family? That's not your standard BB trash talk. That's bullying from someone who's mad that, for once, they don't have control over someone.

As far as Dick is concerned, he was the underdog. Yes... He won competitions. But only because he was fighting like mad to stay in the house. His daughter was there for him? Not hardly. Not until the latter part of the game. Do I agree with Dick's gameplay? No. I do think he was a bit of a bully.

But I think what DrewH is saying is... Amanda won the Veto. That means she & McCrae are safe for another week. She should've just let it go at that point.... But instead, she bullied & intimidated Elissa even more. More than ever before. And for what? Just so Elissa would put up GM so Amanda could vote her out. It's obvious she has her knickers in a twist because Elissa might be getting out a player that could be beneficial to Amanda's game. News flash, Amanda: That's how this game works!!!

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