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It was so Ava. She was acting strange and cagey when she got back to the Q mansion and helped Michael get A.J. onto the sofa. A.J. doesn't have it in him. He's a broken drunk, a spoiled man-child, a loser (and I say all of this as someone who likes him and really likes SK)...but not a killer. (And that whole bit with him choking Connie was a classic example of writing for plot rather than character.)

Not sure how sorry I am to see Connie go, but I AM sorry to see Kelly Sullivan go. I don't like that she used one of her final breaths to apologize to Sonny. To hell with that.

And how was Sonny able to barnstorm his way into the Q mansion to confront A.J.? I swear they have NO security. Total open-door policy over there.
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