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Aug 27 2013, 11:40 AM
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Aug 26 2013, 07:10 PM

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Nathan Owens (Cameron) was also supposed to be at the fan events in Chicago/Atlanta but dropped out at the last minute (week prior I think) due to a scheduling conflict.
Is it just me that thinks Nathan is gone? He also isn't scheduled for any of the book tours. He never tweets about being at work. In fact he has tweeted about being everywhere except on set at Days. He is barely used now as it is. He doesn't seem to have much if any fan support.

That sounds so sad. :unsure: LoL
I don't mean to be mean but just seems like they right away tried Cameron with Abby and it never caught on. I actually don't mind him with Gabi. But if Camilla is leaving, then what? I just don't see where the character has caught on, sadly.
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