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Aug 27 2013, 03:01 PM
Probably nothing but what if Days brought Brant D back to play Will? I know he played Brian but the chemistry between him and Freddie was so incredible that I'd be fine with it. Die the hair blonde, we know the guy can act and the chemistry for Wilson :shithitfan: .

Probably nothing but two of his tweets today got me wondering

Brant Daugherty @brantdaugherty 3h
excited to start rehearsals today for my next project!

Brant Daugherty @brantdaugherty 1h
Things are about to get so weird

Rehearsals could mean just going over lines and preparing. And it would be kind of weird for him to come back to play Will, when he already played Brian and once auditioned for Will.
I can't see him as Will at all he's good but they need a really strong actor to play Will not just one with a pretty face. I was wondering if they would keep Will a blonde or go brunette wasn't there another Will that was a brunette. But Chandle looked alot like AS so it was believable that they could be mom/son and he was the right height to be Lucas son. I think they will go with another blonde to contrast with the blonde/brunette with Sonny and try to see if they can find someone as close to Chandler as they can. I just hope he can act and he has great chem with FS,AS, BD and DH, LK, man Chandler had chem with alot of people on the show. I hope he and Freddie get along and have that great chem with him and not just sexual, it take more than that to make a couple.
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