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Monday ("Sami's Trial")
Chad, Will and Sonny take the stand as Sami's trial begins; Nicole berates Brady for asking Eric to marry him and Kristen.

Tuesday ("Kate Takes the Stand")
Kate takes the stand and hurts Sami's case in the process; Father Matt warns Nicole about Eric.

Wednesday ("Rafe Testifies")
Rafe testifies at Sami's trial with disastrous results; Maggie questions Nick's feelings for Gabi.

Thursday ("Sneaky Scam")
Marlena suggests Eric try hypnosis to help regain his memory; Theresa pulls off a scam in order to get extra cash.

Friday ("Trial Resumes")
Kristen catches Marlena in the act, forcing Nicole to be quick on her feet; Nick takes the stand in Sami's trial.


National Enquirer Spoilers
* Samiís trial is off to a very rocky start

* Nicole receives a warning about Eric.

* JJ and Jennifer have a major showdown

* Abigail has an infuriating realization.

* Maggie has a suggestion to help Eric bring back his memory.


**UPDATED 8/29**

Sami's trial has a rough start; Nicole confronts Brady about his request; Kristen thinks about getting rid of the incriminating flash drive; Chad hears Cameron telling Abigail to to get to serious with anyone.

Kate's testimony makes things worse for Sami; Father Matt gives Nicole a warning; Kristen talks to Daniel about a fertility doctor.

Rafe's testimony does Sami more harm than good; Maggie wonders about Nick's feelings for Gabi; Cameron pushes Chad to tell his loved ones about his prognosis.

Marlena and Nicole team up against Kristen; Marlena suggests Eric try hypnosis to recover his memories; J.J. threatens to leave; Abigail learns Theresa is buying drugs from her brother.

J.J. and Jennifer fight; Kristen busts Marlena; Daniel thinks of a new way for Eric to trigger his memories; Nick goes on the stand at Sami's trial.

Update 9/2

Kristen is thinking about getting rid of the flash drive containing the sex video.

Cameron encourages Chad to share his medical condition with his loved ones and close friends.

Abigail realizes Theresa was buying drugs from JJ.

Justin cross-examines Marge and goes in for the kill at Sami's trial.

Maggie thinks Nick may still be in love with Gabi.

Kristen tells Daniel she wants to see a fertility doctor.
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