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Aug 27 2013, 08:12 PM
While today's scenes with Eric and Nicole were good and touching, this isn't what I want to see for Nicole. I want the old Nicole back... the one who plots and schemes and is always on top of things. This Nicole is boooooring... a goody two shoes who is all pius and follows Fr. Eric to the hospital to give last rites. She needs to move out of that convent and find herself a guy who can give her a run for her money.

GV is way too hot to be a priest. Let's wrap up this storyline already.


Not one of the better episodes I have seen.

God I want the old Nicole back! Yes these were touching and the point of Nicole seeing Eric fulfilled in his job were well written, but the story has NO excitement to it. I'm with you completely. Nicole IS boooooring in this role.

Why don't Daniel and Jennifer take a seat on the big white couch in HTS and let all the residents of Salem line up taking turns approaching them to express how above all else they need to work things out and be together. The writers could devote one whole episode to it and get it out of their system. And if they still haven't, we can strap them down and play it on a loop until it drives them as insane as we've become listening to it on a weekly basis.

Kristen looked amazing. Loved the dress, loved the hair and make-up. Was this filmed after a break because ED looked really refreshed and rested.

I like that Gabi is not falling right back into a dream world with Nick. Her hesitation is a nice new touch.

Other than that . . . not much to this episode.

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