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Aug 28 2013, 10:32 AM
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I've thought that announcement during the Emmys was a bad move... Maybe his publicist told him to do it in an early attempt to negotiate a deal with the show that would leave him on the show but they'd work around his schedule.... It clearly didn't work and it backfired greatly for CM... Since he says he misses the money the most, I'm willing to bet that getting the boot on Friday really bothered him.... And I don't for a minute believe he won't try to pursue other acting stuff now and will just take a limited amount if classes... I think whomever advised him to take the opportunity of another Emmy win and announce he was leaving without first telling Days is now the one that should be looking for a job. If it was his publisist, I'd fire his ass. CM is young and I hope he takes this as a learning lesson.
I thought it was bad move too. Is common sense that you don't talk about contract stuff until you get the go ahead from the show. I still think that it was negotiation move. I think that he should fire his publicist and stay away from sheen.
Couldn't agree more about the publicist... Chandler seems much more "managed" than other actors of his age and experience, and it hasn't worked out well for him at all.
Anyone who manages Charlie Sheen can't be a good publicist. I mean, look at the reputation Charlie has in Hollywood.
I don't think you can put the blame for CS' reputation on his manager. CS is a drug addict, I believe born and raised in and around Hollywood. He knows how Hollywood works but he seemingly has nothing but contempt for it. His is a perfect example of familiarity breeding contempt. I just think at his age, he's said F the Hollywood machine, I'm winning (RME), I'm rich and I'm going to do as I please no matter what. There's only so much his Publicist can do.

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