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Aug 28 2013, 11:10 AM
Like Lysie, I am interested in Deidre's reaction given how she is supposedly friends with Greg Meng who did the firing and she certainly has seemed close to Chandler as well.

After reading that article from Logan, Chandler will never return to this show barring a change in executives and a huge pay raise. Meng and company surely knew he would not sign a new contract so for them to hold a grudge about his announcement at the Emmys and his subsequent treatment last week is amazingly petty. That speaks very poorly of Meng and others in charge, especially since the publicity and good will from Will's story are probably responsible for the show's Writing Emmy last year and Drama Series Emmy this year in addition to Massey's two Emmys. I have been as critical as anyone has been of Massey's acting but he deserved far better treatment than he received from Days.
I have no idea what went down, but let's keep in mind that Greg was the one who conveyed the news (according to this article). These execs are often 'just the messenger' for others. Remember Ed Scott having to meet with Martha and Brandon? I think at the time, signs pointed to it not being Ed's decision to fire them. Greg has Ed's position at Days now. So while it could have been Greg, it's important to note that it might not have been. Also notable was that Chandler is (was?) supposed to appear on the book tour for Greg's book. Would Greg want to take that away?
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