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Aug 28 2013, 11:31 AM
Aug 28 2013, 11:00 AM
I'm so glad the trial is starting. I'd like to see some movement in this story (as well as others) so I take it as a good sign.

Thanks for posting!
i hope the trial starts on Monday and ends on Tuesday. There's no reason to keep dragging it out. the Monday scenes can end on some cliffhanger that resolves itself on Tuesday and by the end of that episode, Sami's fate is in the hands of the jury.

remember when Hope had to go before the judge after Bo had broken her out of prison? think back. it might be tough to remember those courtroom scenes...oh wait...there were none! Bo, Hope, & Justin left the blue room in one scene and in the next scene they were in, they all walked right back into the blue room and proceeded to talk about how they thought things went.

moral of the story:
what would've happened during Hope's hearing >>>>>>>>>> anything that will happen during Sami's "first day" of trial.
The circumstances between Hope and Sami were vastly different - Sami is going on trial for murder. I don't recall thinking Hope busting out of jail would lead to a trial - more like a hearing so her punishment could be determined.

Personally I think there is far more drama to be wrung from a murder trial and it wouldn't matter who the characters are. I'm not quite hopeful enough to think we'll get anything as good as some of those great trials from back in the day - but I appreciate that they are at least attempting to build this story to an exciting outcome.
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