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Aug 28 2013, 01:57 PM
I liked the Nik/Britt scenes today."Are you batman" cute scenes between the 2.

Aug 28 2013, 05:13 PM
Loved "Are you Batman" scenes between Nikolas and Britt. I'm liking their friendship. Not exactly sure if I want them to become a real couple or not. I am enjoying them getting to know each other though.

The scenes were adorable and i like Britt/Nik :wub: :wub: because of the similar backgrounds. Nik is attracted to Britt but he not sure how and why of his feelings. The two faced award goes to both Sabrina and Felix, both called the baby bad names in front of Emma, but Sabrina got mad when Felix called the baby bad names in front of Patrick. :eyeroll:

I glad Nik attorney got Britt out of jail because Anna was wrong for taking her into custody.
Dante has no problem arresting a pregnant woman, but turns the other way when his father Sonny has a gun near AJ head.
Scotty was right to ask Laura for a divorce, she wants to chase the ghosts of her youth and expects him to wait on her.
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