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Frankly, I don't think Will (whatever actor plays him) is a great favorite of TomSell. Will was absolutely the golden boy under MarDar (who didn't give a crap about Sonny) but under TomSell the baby plot for Wilson was just that - plot, and that plot was primarily designed to give Sami angst. The Wilson/Gabi baby stuff wasn't terrible by any means and got screen time, but Will lost a lot of the layers he had under MarDar.

Their favorites are Dannifer and Sami. Even EJ has simply become an appendage of Sami, frankly. General Hospital was run into the ground because the producers put their favorites/mary sues central to to show regardless of legacy or fan opinion. Days is not as bad as GH got when it became the Sonny, Carly and Jason misogyny hour, but it's getting there. Days is becoming the Dannifer/Sami Bizarro World, where everyone in town worships Daniel and is completely certain of Sami's innocence.

Honestly, I don't expect a great Wilson story with the new actor. I expect Will to continue to be a vehicle for Sami storylines.

And whatever happened with Chandler's exit, it was handled in a way that hurt the feelings of cast and crew, pissed off a lot of fans of the show and brought bad publicity down on them.
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