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Aug 29 2013, 06:19 AM
Aug 28 2013, 10:26 PM
Aug 28 2013, 07:34 PM
Aug 28 2013, 06:05 PM
Re-post from another thread:

I have issue with people continually calling out Massey for quitting. He didn't. He opted not to renew his contract. That's his choice. He still had a contract to finish. Surprise, surprise that the show decided to laugh in his face. I wouldn't mind half the decisions this show made if they ever showed an inch of tact.
If this is directed toward me, I have issues with people (not you, Keith) continuing to push one version of events behind the scenes as truth when it is clearly based on speculation and fanwank. That's where my post was coming from.

I do think Chandler's admission that "he got what he wanted" matches the version of events that I'm seeing. But this seems to be a Rorschach blot for everybody.
Sorry to butt in but
Some people discussing this actually talked to Chandler over the weekend at the
two fan events he attended so not everything is fan wanking or speculation.
Just because it is reported by SOD or another soap media outlets doesn't mean it is the whole truth
But does that necessarily mean Chandler's not putting a spin on things himself? I mean, he's not going to admit he made a mistake in announcing his leaving in that way, if that's what happened. He's not exactly objective about it.
I agree. I still maintain after speaking with Chandler (unless he changed his stance after letting this all sink in) that he doesn't believe he was fired (as he was going to be leaving no matter what when his contract was over)...instead he seemed to just wished Days would have shown him the decency to give him at least a a little bit of notice to let him know his stint on Days was over. Instead they seemed to treat him like used trash. Sure Chandler is an actor but he came across very truthful and genuine with things he said and he repeated these sentiments on more than one occasion which shows consistency in how he was feeling.

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