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I sort of tuned in today - first time catching a live show in years and years. I stopped because I saw Chad kissing Abby which vaguely intrigued me. (I think I started about halfway through). Then Nicole started lecturing JJ about Dannifer. Then Jennifer started talking to Kristen about Daniel. Then Daniel started talking about Jennifer. And everyone was talking about the retconning of Parker's paternity (which just infuriates me). Then Abby started chasing after the boring, charmless and lifeless what's-his-face (Cameron?). Sami doing pushups. EJ and Justin arguing. Jennifer lecturing JJ about Daniel. Brady and a 50-something Kristen talking about having biological children.

I just couldn't. I had to pause the TV until I could fast-forward, and then I had to fast-forward everything because it was all either about Fetch or stupid or boring or unbelievable or all of the above.

I'm sort of stunned this still on the air. It made me want to punch something.

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