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This season's contestants are so vile. I am shocked at how stupid these people are, thinking that anything they say wouldn't be potentially shown on national tv or maybe they just don't care. These people are truly disgusting. I can't even believe that I am rooting for Elissa and a little GM. All of the others are just so bad. When Amanda called Elissa trash in the veto ceremony b/c she put up Andy pissed me off, not to mention all of the bullying she did. Amanda is as bad as Aaryn, maybe worse. Aaryn is a closed minded, naive idiot racist and Amanda is truly a vindictive bitch! And I never thought I would say that! I can't wait for these people to be out of the house and see how hated they are/were. Their families must be so proud.. Interesting that they haven't shown any family footage this season.
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