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After HoH, Amanda immediately insisted that GM put up Elissa & Judd. If she did that, Amanda said, no one will be mad at GM. GinaMarie smiled to her face, but as soon as Amanda left... GM rolled her eyes, and turned to the camera and said Amanda's going up.

A little while later, Amanda and Elissa had a stand-off with GM in the HoH room. GM wanted to talk to Elissa, so she invited Elissa with her downstairs. And of course, knowing this, Amanda followed them and wouldn't give them any time alone. Then, somehow, McCrae got in on it, too. Because as soon as Elissa/GM escaped Amanda and went back to the HoH room, McCrae was there waiting on them.

Now, Judd's talking to GM... and it sounds like GM wants Elissa gone after A/M are gone. But Judd's telling her that Elissa won't put her up.

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Now, Andy's back in HoH room. Judd/GM/Andy all talking about how horrible Amanda acted earlier, and now she's making herself out to be the victim.

GM just confirmed to Andy she's putting up A/M, but wants Andy/Judd to keep her (GM) over Elissa if Amanda or McCrae nominate her & Elissa next week.

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