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OMG. Amanda's having a breakdown by the pool, and McCrae telling her that she's playing a whole new game. She's not playing like any other player. He says, if any, she is most comparable to Evel Dick.

Amanda crying that she's worried how her family is seeing her. She doesn't want to embarass them. Julie calling her out on antagonizing Elissa really upset her.

A/M now trash talking Elissa. McCrae says she's a psychopath and has a God complex. Amanda doesn't like that Elissa commented (in HoH with GM) that she misses Aaryn.

Amanda now saying that she doesn't think GM will nominate her. Apparently, she's so confident that she's not going home that she offered herself up as a replacement nom if Veto is used.

Amanda now asking McCrae how he thinks Elissa will react when GM nominates Elissa & Judd.

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