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Aug 30 2013, 10:04 AM
McCrae wants to tell Elissa, "When we f*cked and came on your bed, we were hoping it would make your skin break out but too bad itdidn't."

Amanda: "I want you to cum on her bed."

This is a new level of low.
McCrae is such a pussy. Can't take him and his "tough talk" seriously. He can only talk trash on girls.

So he's admitting they both have diseases, as Elissa suspects? Amanda showed her true colors once again last night. I can't believe she got so offended by Elissa calling Jessie "the only 10 in the house." She shouldn't try to outsnark a Reilly. Just proves Amanda is insecure about her looks and body, if you get offended by that, you must consider yourself ugly. At least she realizes she is. Instead of harassing Elissa, she should get the name of her doctor and get some work done.

Had to laugh after Amanda started her shit, she put on the tears how Elissa was bullying her. They need to up her meds. So much for bygones.
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