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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: JJ informs his mom that Dr. Jonas is here. Do you want to talk to him or me? Dan is sorry he didn't call first. If this is a bad time I understand and I'll go. JJ - It's your call Mom.

Theresa is on the computer at work doing online shopping. She tells herself to stop or she'll blow all that money she stole from Vargas.

Cam knows that Abby is confused about him and Chad. Abby - So you thought you could just make the decision for me. Cam - No. Abby - That's what it feels like. It feels like you are just giving me to Chad. Cam - I can't give you to anyone. It's just that I was wrong to ever try and pressure you into any kind of commitment with me. I just started my career and I don't have time for anything serious. Abby - You had time for a whole other job not too long ago. Chad continues eavesdropping as Cam says - You and Chad have a bond and I know that. Abby - How long have you been planning this ... to end things with us. When did you decide?

Nicole tells Brady Eric has something on his mind. Brady - Something important? Nicole - I guess. He just hasn't been himself. Brady gets a call from his Dad.

Eric is on the phone talking about the dream he keeps having. It's unclear. I feel that God is trying to talk to me and I don't know what he's trying to say. He tells Fr Matt he'll have to call him back. Kristen walks in. You seem upset. Is there a problem.

EJ asks Stoller if he's sure no one saw him come in. Stoller parked down the road and came through the back door. EJ - So the funds have been deposited into the account. Stoller - Yes sir. Timmy Bernardi's account now has well over a hundred thousand dollars. When the police discover that they'll no doubt assume that his father was taking bribes. EJ - Good. Than I just have one question for you. Is there any way that can be traced back to me?

Melinda - I assume this meeting can only have one purpose. Sami - I want to make a deal. Melinda - So you're willing to give me EJ DiMera.

Eric says he's just tired. He was up with a parishioner all night, a young woman; she passed away this morning. Kristen is so sorry. Eric realises she's there for the parent / student interviews. Kristen offers to do it alone if he wants to get some sleep. Eric says he tried earlier but he just tossed and turned. Kristen - Bad dreams? Eric - Something like that.

Stoller - There's no way the funds can be traced back to you Mr. DiMera. I guarantee it. EJ - And the deposit dates; is there any way to prove they were altered. Stoller - As I told you, the cops would have to jump through hoops in order to ... EJ - I know what you told me. What about if the FBI brought in forensic accountants to investigate. Stoller - As I said they still couldn't trace it back to you ... EJ - But? Stoller - But with all of their resources the FBI might be able to determine that the money was put in the account after Bernardi was killed. EJ - Then they'd know it was a setup. He mutters - Dear God Samantha, what have I done!

Sami - I want better terms; more generous. I'm negotiating for my life here Ms. Trask. Melinda - Exactly. You're facing life in prison, I'm offering you 10 yrs; not sure how much more generous I could be Ms. Brady. Sami - You're asking me to rat out the DiMera family. That is a tall order and we both know it. Melinda - The thing is Ms. Brady, while putting away your fiancÚ would certainly be a major coup it doesn't guarantee that he'll squeal and give me what I really want, the shark himself, Stefano DiMera. Sami - So what do you say we cut EJ out of the equation entirely. Melinda - To what end? Sami - Let's just say I don't give you anything on EJ and everything on Stefano DiMera.

Segment 2: Cam claims he doesn't know what Abby is talking about. Abby accuses him of playing dumb. Cam insists he isn't. I have no clue what you're talking about. Abby - Stop. I spoke to Aunt Kayla. She hinted to me that I don't need to be torn between two guys because the answer will just make itself clear to me. She obviously knew you were going to break things off with me. Cam - That's absolutely impossible. I never said that to your aunt. Abby - Maybe it was just her intuition then. It doesn't really matter now. Cam - Why do you say that? Abby - Because I went on a date with Chad last night and I was thinking it's not fair for me to lead you on anymore.

Roman comes into Jen's office so Theresa quickly shuts down the web page. Roman - What were you up to? Theresa - Just wrapping up some stuff. What brings you by? Roman - Actually I was looking for you. Theresa - It doesn't sound like you came to take me out for some ice cream. Roman - I was just talking to Hope and she said you were hanging out with that Vargas guy right before he was arrested for drug possession. Theresa - I was but only because I was bored. I had zero idea that he was into drugs or had such a bad temper. You don't believe me. Roman - Theresa, you do understand this, don't you. You're on very thin ice here. So I'm going to tell you this, one more mistake and I don't care how big or tiny it is, that so called Plan B to straighten you out here in Salem, that will be history. Theresa - I've really been walking the line, I mean it. Roman scoffs. Whoa, let me get this straight here. Hanging out with a convicted felon carrying drugs; that's your idea of walking the line? Theresa - I already told you. I had no idea ... Roman - Stop. Again, listen ... you're not here to have fun so I would advise you to concentrate less on that and more on keeping this job that you have. Grow up Theresa. Think! He leaves.

Jen tells JJ that it's very important that they finish their conversation but right now she's going to speak to Daniel. JJ - Cool but you know how I stand with you (he's looking at Dan).

Eric hands Kristen the list. She comments - So many deserving candidates. She talks about the look on their faces - of hope and innocence - makes one wish that they all could be given a scholarship. Eric - You come alive when you talk about those kids. Kristen - Yeah, I guess it's because kids think anything is possible no matter how far-fetched their dreams are they still think that they can come true. It reminds me of what that was like. It was so lovely and hopeful before life kind of did what it can do to people. Does that make any sense? Eric - A lot.

Brady returns and thanks Nicole for waiting. Nicole - How did it go? Brady - I told my dad about Kristen and me. He acknowledged that there's nothing he can say or do to make me change my mind. The last time he tried to interfere he only made things worse. Nicole - Are you saying he approves of your relationship? Brady - No, he's just not going to fight me on it. My Dad will never accept me with Kristen. Nicole hugs him.

Segment 3: Cam - So you've decided you want to be with Chad. Abby turns so he can't see she's close to tears. He's funny and smart and we have a lot in common. Cam - I'm happy for you. Chad's a good guy. Abby - I know. Cam - You may want to take things slow; no need to rush. Abby - I wasn't planning on rushing things but thanks for your advice. I'm glad that things worked out for the 3 of us and nobody got hurt. Cam - Right. Take care. Abby - You too. I'm sure I'll see you around. Cam - Yeah. Bye. Chad smiles. Abby cries.

Jen - Where you stand is you're my son and I love you but I decide when the time is right to talk and when it isn't. JJ - Whatever. Jen - I believe you have a paper to work on for your last summer final so you can go to the library and do that where you won't be distracted. JJ grabs his knapsack and leaves. Jen invites Dan in. She's happy he stopped by because she wants to apologise for getting so upset on the phone earlier. Dan It's okay. I get it now. Jen - Do you? Dan shows her Parker's birth certificate. Jen - Your name is on Parker's birth certificate. She hugs him. I know how much this means to you. Dan - That's why I wanted you to see it because you have sacrificed so much to make sure Chloe didn't take my son away from me. You sacrificed your own happiness because you recognised that there is nothing that matters more to me than being a Dad to my son and it just reminded me that ... I think I finally realised that I've been terribly unfair to you.

Nicole - I'm so sorry. I know you said things were getting better with your Dad before he left town. Brady - It's okay. I actually expected his reaction to be worse. He seemed more resigned than angry. I think he thinks that if he stays out of it I'll just come to my senses one day. Nicole - I think that's what everyone who cares about you is hoping for. Alright, I promise I won't say things about Kristen but that doesn't stop me from praying that you will see the light some day. Brady - That's so condescending. Nicole - Sue me for wanting the best for you. Brady - Kristen is what's best for me. That's the end of the discussion. Let's put a period on it. Nicole - I got it ... I still love you. Brady hugs her - I still love you too. He leaves. Nicole sighs - Kristen's such a snake. Even if she sheds her skin she'll just grow a new one back. Maybe I can prove it.

Melinda - Ms. Brady, you already admitted you have no way of giving me Stefano DiMera, that's why I asked for EJ. Sami - I know, I was there. Melinda - What's changed? Sami - I was just holding out on you. I wanted to see what else I could get. Melinda - Bull. If you had something on Stefano DiMera you would have said so right away. What a waste of time. Sami - Wait. You caught me, I was bluffing. I don't have anything on Stefano but I can still give you EJ.

Segment 4: Theresa is in the square eating fries when she sees JJ walking by. She calls out to him. You playing hide and seek from your friends? JJ - You've got a little bit of ketchup on your face. Theresa - Did your mommy ground you again. JJ turns to leave. Theresa - Hold on. I'm sorry. I'm having a bad day too. You want some fries? JJ joins her. Sure. Why are you having a bad day? 'Cause your date last night got arrested? Theresa - How do you know about that? JJ - Will told me. Theresa - OMG, is there some blog that my family posts to every 30 mins so my parents can check in and see what an awful daughter they got stuck with. JJ - You really don't get along with them, huh. Theresa - Aside from the fact that everything I do brings disgrace and shame to the family, no, it's a perfectly loving and nurturing relationship. JJ - Same thing with my mom. Theresa - Yeah? I thought you two got along. JJ - Well you thought wrong. My mom's like a stranger to me. I don't get her at all. Theresa - Sounds like you need an escape as much as I do. JJ - What kind of escape are you talking about? Theresa - I was thinking we could take a trip somewhere over the rainbow. JJ - Way up high? Theresa - Way up high.

Nicole is at the pub sitting across from Roman. I need a favour. Roman - Okay, what kind of favour? Nicole - I need you to prove once and for all, emphatically and unequivocally, that Kristen DiMera is an evil, diabolical, conniving skank.

Kristen will write up the interview summaries and have them ready by tomorrow. Talk to you soon. She greets Fr Matt as she's leaving. Fr Matt - I'm glad to see you two are able to work together. Eric - She's good at what she does. She's great with the kids. Fr Matt - Do I sense a but? Eric - I just feel a little uncomfortable around her at times and I just can't figure out why.

Chad serves EJ at the club - Double shot, looks like you need it. Damn it, the jury selection for Sami's trial was today, wasn't it? EJ - Yeah. Chad - And? EJ - Things didn't quite pan out to our advantage. Chad - I still feel so bad about that video I shot of Sami attacking Bernardi ... EJ - Don't. You're not the only person who's made an error in judgement when it comes to this case. Chad - What does that mean? EJ - It means that I've been doing everything that I can to help Samantha. I'm afraid I may have made the situation worse. If I end up hurting her I will never forgive myself.

Melinda - Okay, you've got my attention. What incriminating evidence against EJ DiMera can you give me? Sami - I still want a better deal. Melinda shakes her head. Sami - Fine, I thought you wanted more than just small time; I pegged your for higher goals. Melinda - All I want is for justice to be done; the bad guys put away. And I will make that happen with or without your help. Sami - Good luck with that. Melinda - Don't need luck either. Sami - No, I'm sure you don't but when's the next opportunity coming your way that's this good, this close? Melinda - If you give me evidence against EJ and it sticks and he in turn gives me his father and that sticks I'll knock your ten years down to possible parole after 5. For a cop killer that's basically a merit badge. So, what do you have for me?

Segment 5: JJ is holding cash in his hand - Upfront payment, since when? Theresa - Since now. So are we going to party or what? JJ - I can meet you after my class tomorrow. It's the last day of summer school. Theresa - Then you'll have reason to celebrate. JJ - So how do you know I'm not going to take your money and leave you hanging. She kisses his cheek. Because I trust you. I'll see you tomorrow after school. She leaves.

Dan - I can't fault you for the way you're handling things with your son especially as a single parent which is all that more challenging. We could debate about how to do things and what's the right way until we're blue in the face but what I've come to realise is there is no right way. You have to do what you feel is best at the time and I have to support that which is what I intend to do from now on. Jen - Okay, so what are you trying to say?

Roman - Marlena must be beside herself. Nicole - Marlena, John, me and all of the free-speaking world. Roman - But I'm not sure what you think I can do. Nicole - Kristen is as dirty as mud. I think you could dig in her records, find something, expose the truth; finally prove to Brady what a waste of a product she is. Roman reminds her that he's suspended. I have no access. Even if I did I think I'd have to say no. Nicole - Why? Don't you care about Brady at all? Roman - Yes I do very much and I have told him the very same thing you're saying but you know what, you and I can talk and talk but I think it's obvious, Brady's going to have to find out the truth about Kristen on his own. Nicole - Damn it! John said the same thing too apparently. The question is, where is the truth going to come from?

Eric - My uneasiness with Kristen is more about my history with her family then about her. She's doing a very good job. She's working very hard to make amends for past transgressions. Fr Matt - You were telling me about a disturbing dream when we talked earlier. What was it? Eric - It's something you don't want to hear. Fr Matt - Try me. Eric - I was making love to a woman. I didn't see her face. I don't know who she was. Fr Matt - Surely that's not the first time you've had such a dream. Eric smiles - No but this was different. The sexual nature of the dream wasn't concerting to me at all. Fr Matt - Then what was? Eric - I just feel that there's a part I'm not remembering that I should. I just feel like God is trying to tell me something. I just don't what.

Brady is in his tropical shirt. He has Kristen's eyes covered as he brings her to the place in the park that he has decorated like a tropical getaway. Kristen is thrilled - Where are we? Brady - Somewhere in Hawaii. Brady hands her a tropical drink. Kristen just loves it. They kiss.

Sami - Wow, you really do think I'm an idiot, don't you? My lawyer's not here, I don't have anything in writing from you and yet you expect me to fork over everything I know. Melinda - Fine, I will draw up the conditions. Sami - And while you're at it I want you to add immunity for my son William Horton. Melinda - Because he and his boyfriend covered up that video of you attacking Bernardi. Sami - Because I want to make sure he is protected from any and all fallout. Melinda - Anything else, new car maybe? Sami - Thank you for reminding me. Yes there is something else. Melinda - You are really trying my patience here. Sami - If I can get you Stefano DiMera, directly, on my own ... Melinda - Whoa, backup, you just said that you couldn't. Sami - If I can get you Stefano on my own without any involvement or any culpability directed at his son then I want a maximum of 5 years with the possibility of parole sooner. Melinda - Should I come back with a public defender for you when I have the papers. Sami - No need, my lawyer will be here soon. After they leave Sami cries. EJ, I'm sorry. What else could I do?

Segment 6: Chad sees Cam come into the club. He asks him what's going on. Cam came by to check up on him. You took a shot to the head at the club opening and I told you the swelling could be an issue for your tumour. Chad - You really need to back the hell off man. I don't want people to know. Cam - As soon as you start treatment, everyone's going to know. Chad - Not according to my doctor. I'm getting cutting edge treatment that you probably don't even know about. I can beat this thing before anyone even knows I have a problem. Now stick to your promise and keep your mouth shut.

Dan - I love you enough to step away. That is what I'm saying. You did that for me so I could be with my son and I have to do that for you with JJ. Jen - That's not the answer. Dan - You heard him. He does not want me in your life. Do you really think you can tell him that you don't care about how he feels. It's okay. You can't and I don't blame you. Jen - He just needs a little more time. He just needs to get over losing his dad and feeling more secure in himself and his relationship with me before he can accept another man in my life. Dan - I get it and if that happens, maybe we can talk. Jen - Maybe? Dan - We can't keep doing this; living in false hope that maybe someday things will work out. We can't because we need to live in reality right now. And for now you need to take care of your son, focus on him and I will focus on my son. Jen cries. Dan - Goodbye. I love you. He leaves.

Fr Matt - You lost a parishioner this morning. Eric - Yes, but what could that have to do with my dream? Fr Matt - I just think that when you watch someone die, well sex is life affirming. Maybe this is the way your psyche is trying to cope. You look exhausted. Why don't you try and stop worrying and get some sleep.

Kristen comments; umbrella drink and a massage - you're totally spoiling me. He tells her there's sunscreen under the towel. She pulls out a clear bottle with a note inside.

EJ comes back to Sami's cell. She's glad he's here. Melinda Trask was here. EJ - Why wasn't I told about this? Was Justin here? Sami - No, he didn't know about it either. EJ - Why did you talk to her? Sami - She offered me 5 yrs. EJ - For what? Our firstborn? Sami - Your father. I have to come up with enough information to put your father behind bars.

Segment 7: Abby is sitting on the bench outside the pub wiping her tears when her cell rings. Hi Chad, what's up? Chad - You took off so fast before that I didn't get a chance to ask you a really important question. You want to go out again tonight? Abby - I'd love that. What do you feel like doing? Chad - Leave it to me. I'll call you later. Abby - Alright. Abby tells herself Chad is a great guy and everything worked out like it was supposed to.

Theresa is back in the office on the computer. Maybe this isn't such a no good, horrible, bad day after all.

Dan is back at his place looking at the birth certificate. He puts it away in a drawer along with a montage of Jen photos.

Jen is on the couch when JJ rushes in. I forgot my notes here. I need them. Where's Daniel? Jen - He's gone and he's not coming back. JJ - Mom ... Jen - No. Just go do your paper.

Eric is in bed . Again bits and pieces of the rape come back to him. Nicole knocks on his door. Are you in there? Can I come in. Eric wakes up with a start.

Kristen unfurls the note. Will you Marry Me? Brady holds up an open ring box - So, will you?

EJ - So you cut a deal with the special prosecutor without your attorney present and without speaking to me. Sami - 5 yrs is a good deal. EJ - It's an impossible deal. You don't have anything on my father. Sami - You do so you just have to give me something that I can make stick. EJ - What if I don't? Sami - Then I would have to give them something on you.
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