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Sammie Jo
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Aug 31 2013, 11:53 AM
Sammie Jo
Aug 31 2013, 09:43 AM
I can't believe that Jill thinks Katherine left her everything from that one sentence. Not even in my wildest stretch of my imagination would I interpret it that way.
I can't wait for the reading of the will, I'm thinking that Jill is going to be really disappointed, and would laugh like hell if Katherine left her half of the house to Esther, and left Esther enough money so that Esther will tell Jill to take this job and shove it! :cheers:
I'm thinking what she was trying to tell Jill, "Everything you need is right in front of you", means love and family. And of course Jill won't get that, because she is still in to the material things and power.
I think you're exactly right!
I am really looking forward to a Jilltrum when the will is read, it ought to be a doozy!
BTW, where is murphy? Has he moved out or something, he's not involved in any of the plans?
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