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I always wonder if Sami fans who think marlena is a lousy mother watched the same show I watched for all these years since Sami came back to Salem from Colorado. Is Marlena a perfect mother, hell no, but if she was so awful then how come Carrie and Eric and Belle turned out to be pretty decent adults? :shrug:

The little screen time they give Marlena I don't want to see it wasted on Sami. The days of proving her love to that selfish brat are over.
I feel the same way. I'm so tired of Sami accepting Marlena when she needs her, and then rejecting her and bringing up the affair when she decides to take her own problems out on Marlena. There comes a point when you have to say that Sami is a grown woman with children of her own and there is only so much Marlena should have to take, though she keeps on taking it over and over and I know she will always. It's a two way street, and Sami really is never there for Marlena - only when she needs her. As a viewer, I am done with Sami as far as Marlena goes. Marlena can't win when it comes to Sami. :shrug:

Yeah, I was done with Sami when she kidnapped her own baby sister and WATCHED her mother and father go through pure hell for DAYS. And the only reason she came clean was because she got busted. She's rotten and always will be imo.
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