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Aug 31 2013, 06:00 PM
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I find myself not caring about Bristen scenes anymore since we know ED is leaving. If I didn't know any better, I'd think the dynamic between those two has slightly changed as well since EM probably knew of ED's departure by this point. That could just be my own bias working in there though. I dunno.

Either way, it needs to be said once more......I HATE Days taping so far ahead.
If it's bias, then I'm biased too, because I think the dynamic between Eric and Eileen has changed, and it has resulted in a noticeable difference in the Bristen dynamic. I absolutely believe it happened when Eric found out Eileen was leaving.
ED left in June/July and she probably told EM that a few weeks prior so we're not close to those episodes yet are we? We shouldn't get to any "disconnect" between them until October/November.

I've noticed that their chemistry is off too. I think it's because the writing for the relationship is still the same as it was pre-breakup. It just doesn't work anymore you can't just have Brady blindly declare his love for Kristen and break off his relationships with his family for her now that he knows she was plotting to hurt John & Marlena. It doesn't even make sense that they've gotten back together so quickly and that Brady wants to marry her now, because of what? She was propping fetch? Get out of here with that stupidity.

I believe EM is tired of Brady being written like such an idiotic chump for no reason at all.
It's hard to guess when it actually happened but, I think, it was earlier than a few weeks prior to the departure. ED told SOD this:
they didn't want me telling anybody, so for a long time I was just sitting on the information. It took a few weeks and I said, "I've got to tell Martsolf, I just feel really crappy about not telling him".

So about April/May he might have known she is leaving.

BTW I wouldn't say their chemistry is off (there is still enough of it, IMO) but it is slightly different than it was before. I don't think it's because of the current writing for Bristen which was quite often shallow/trite and leaking in depth from the very beginning of the relationship. I think, Bristen 2.0 is a little bit (or a lot) rushed because of Eileen's departure.

Actors have to be used to the feeling that their characters are going in the different direction they would like them to go, they might feel like that about 90 percent of the time, I guess. But it's their job they are paid for to play whatever is written for them. Even if the current s/l for Brady maybe is not what EM would necessarilly wish I don't think it's a big problem for him to play it except maybe from tweeters daily sending him tweets complaining about how dumb his character is. Some people simply don't understand the fact that actors have nothing to do with how their characters are written.
The fact of loosing the co-star (once again), especially the one you are clicking with, is of much more importance, IMO.

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