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Actually the last time we saw Lucas and Sami together Sami caressed Lucas cheek and thanked Lucas for being their for her. Lucas said he would always be their for Sami. Sami treated him pretty good its the writers and TPTB that haven't really given both the chance to have more scenes together or given Sami the chance to do anything yet in order to fight for her one true love Lucas yet and if she got the chance to and we saw her and Lucas together more often I know Sami would be after Lucas again and drop EJ for him in a heart beat for Lucas is her one true love and true love is worth fighting for and having in your life and her most happiest days were with him.

She seemed to cheer right up when Lucas was their but from what I've seen after that shes been miserable ever since without him there.

I don't buy shes happy anywhereelse but with Lucas and Lucas alone. If we saw more Lucas scenes and saw more Lucas and Sami scenes where they got to share more scenes together and bump into each other more often instead of once in while here and once and a while their where the writers actually wrote for them again and we saw them interacting more and more instead of once in awhile not knowing what Sami's really thinking concerning her one true love Lucas and what she would do their I think she would truly go after him and fight for Lucas and be after him nonstop and not leave him alone and she would drop EJ perminently for him and do just that and EJ would become nonexsistant to her once more Lucas and the kids are the most important people in her life and if Sami was allowed to be in character she would fight to bring her and Lucas and the kids together as a family and would betray EJ in heartbeat and send him to prison for everything he did to her,to the twins before they were born and to Lucas and Will she wouldn't be ok with what EJ did to her and her family or her loved ones and would get revenge on EJ and Stefano both and would take them down and destroy them and do just that with Lucas help that is when Sami is truly written in character.

Anyway we don't really know what Sami would say or would do around Lucas and if the writers wrote for Lucas and Sami I predict Sami would call the wedding off to EJ and would drop him perminently in a heartbeat for Lucas.

For the writers haven't really written too many Lucas and Sami scenes with them together and the ones we have seen with Lucas kissing her hand and Sami caressing his cheek have been really wonderful. Anyway Sami smiled at Lucas and again seemed her most happiest being around Lucas. Plus Sami and Lucas also held hands in the hospital when they went to see Will and Lucas started rubbing her back and she started to caress the top of his hand and stood beside him and put her hand on his shoulder.

Anyway she seems confused and disorientated like she possibly has been under mindcontrol not acting like herself so I vote that a brainchip is responsible for Sami's out of character behavior as well and all I've got to say is that once the effects of it wear off both EJ and Stefano better start running for Sami is not going to be happy with either one of them taking advantage of her under mind control against her will. Sami doesn't appreciate being told by the person that raped her that shes stupid either. I'm looking for in character Sami to be in full revenge mode against the Dimeras where she winds up destroying them doing just that for what was done to her and her family and her loved ones for trying to destroy her life making her do things under mind control she would never do.

The stuff shes saying under mind control is a complete lie and a falsehood that would never see the light if Sami was allowed to be herself her true self once more. The real Sami the in character Sami would have shot EJ's balls off and done just that she did it with Alan and she would do it to any of her rapists that raped her and forced themselves on to her when she didn't want them too and EJ hasn't seen the in character Sami yet and if he did he would be running scared from the in character Sami who's not under mind control any more for she would destroy him and do just that and would fight for Lucas and would not leave Lucas alone and would do everything in her power to keep her and Lucas together and not let anyone or anything come between her and Lucas ever again and wouldn't allow that to happen.

I still say after EJ kidnapped a pregnant Sami when she was pregnant with the twins and took her to Stefano that Stefano had a mind chip put on her then when she was on that plane that's why she hasn't been acting herself ever sense ever since that day and ever since that happened and that would make Sami a victim of the Dimeras again doing things we know she would never do. Stefano is known for mind chips and that could be what happened to Sami when she was on the plane with Stefano,Bart and Rolf shes still a victim and shes still innocent in this and does not know whats going on under mind control.
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