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Reading the posts...I just thought of something that could be fun....we could all put our Christmas wishes down and then maybe J could let the person who's closest to the truth win a little tidbit or something...

So here's my...

Rafe and Hope growing closer as Rafe steps in and plays surrogate daddy for Ciara, after of course we hear that Bo's been shacked up with Carly in Europe all this time.

JJ and Jennifer finding common ground and her realizing how wrong she was for her actions regarding Daniel....all the while Daniel & Jordan are growing closer as they both have Christmas hospital duty.

Will singing Silent Night to Arianna as he feeds her...ending with her saying "daddy" for the first time while Sonny looks on. Then of course Arianna spits up & Will needs the new shirt.

EJ & Sami cuddling on the DiMera sofa watching as their kids open presents under the tree while Stefano smirks mysterously in the background.

Brady & Nicole sharing Christmas together. Meanwhile Eric who's still bemoaning his broken vows, runs into Abby, who's mourning Chad and Cameron, at the nightclub and a new friendship is born.

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