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Sep 3 2013, 10:41 AM
Isn't today also Jeannie Theresa's and JJ's birthday?
Yes, it is...here's their "birth" episodes:

9/4/90: (Jeannie born the day before...first appearance)
Cast: Bo, Carly, Isabella, Kayla, Marcus, Patch, Roman, Shane, Victor, Shawn Douglas, Andrew, Jeannie, Benjy, Peggy, Craig, Lloyd, Nico, Dr. Parks, Little Bo, Little Hope, Mrs. Banks/Nanny, Nurse.
Sets: Shane's Hotel Room & Corridor/Los Angeles, Haunted House, Shawn Douglas' Hospital Room & Corridor, Pier, Patch/Kayla Mansion Foyer & Exterior, Playground, Hospital Nursery & Corridor/Los Angeles, Staff Lounge, Toscano Foundation Office & Reception Area (formerly Victor's Office).

9/3/04: (Jack Jr. played by a doll for the first few months)
Cast: Alice, Belle, Bo, Brady, Caroline, Celeste, Jan, Jennifer, John, Lexie, Lucas, Maggie, Mimi, Nicole, Patrick, Philip, Rex, Sami, Shawn, Tek, Victor, Doug, Babysitter, Chloe (FBO).
Sets: Sami's Apartment, Jan's Garage, Belle's Loft, St. Luke's Church & Exterior, Police Station, Cave/Melaswen, Brady Pub/Melaswen, Bo & Hope's Living Room.

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