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Sep 3 2013, 07:20 AM
Sep 3 2013, 06:48 AM

And also, I have to say that IMO Sami's prominence on the show has evened out a lot over the year. This time in 2011 there was no doubt about around who the show revolved around, but now there has been a new focal point, I would say in addition to Sami: Kristen. ED coming on last fall clearly made Sami take a backseat. For much of last fall and this spring she was mainly supporting Will's storyline. Even when she got mixed up in the fight with Nick, it was still Will's storyline, of which she was supporting. Only when she shot Bernardi, it became Sami's storyline. And her whole triangle with EJ and Rafe was a B-storyline in my opinion, not A. And even now, although she is one of the A-storylines, she isn't dominating the screen alone. Kristen's is the other one, and I would still even say hers is the most important one. It can be told by Ken Corday's fall preview alone. That's why I'm worried about what will happen once ED leaves, though. I absolutely think that it will not mean more Hope, Marlena, Kayla, Abe, etc. but instead even more of Sami & Daniel. The cake that some might say has been divided in three now (Kristen, Sami, Daniel) will be the same cake divided in two. And frankly, if the additional airtime would go to Rafe/Kate/Jordan or JJ/Theresa, I can't say it would be any better.

I disagree with this. Will and Gabi were the supporting players in their own storyline. Sami completely took it over. The lead-up to and the bombshell drop at the wedding should have focused on Nabi and Wilson. Instead it was about Sami's snatch.

For all intents and purposes, Sami was written as the father of that baby, while Will moped around doing diddly-squat.

And we are seeing every boring minute of Sami stomping around that cell while getting special privileges like visit after visit and video's and phone calls while half the town of Salem -(except Brady he isn't allowed for some reason, though Kristen is :ermm: ) line up to kiss her ass.
My sister thought Nick and Sami were having a baby cause they took over the story
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