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I was surprised to hear the voice, but since we didn't see the face, I wonder if there will be an off-screen death...oh man...that would SUCK but not surprise me with the other relationship they've been building.

Jesse being fired & Angie encouraging him to become a detective - predictable. Jesse going behind her back to go after Yuri..meh.

JR being an asshat...I was hoping he wasn't going to, but alas, it is JR after all. I do like how they are building up toward a baby-daddy reveal with Cara & David - who will spill the beans & what will happen once the dust settles? That could be good stuff because I LOVE me some Cara & David and if it all leads up to another JR/David showdown? :rockon:

Colby...meh. The actress has had a few good scenes, but I'm still not all that fond of her in the role.

Cassandra...meh. At least she finally stopped frickin crying. It would be more realistic to see her in a support-group setting at the Miranda Center for her ordeal...but I guess they decided to put CeliaLater in that part because you know, she's been having nightmares... :drunk: I'm sorry...I cannot seem to find an airborne fornication to give about this character.

Miranda/AJ/Screech2.0 - meh, meh, make-it-stop. They're cute as friends - but if they're going to build them up to supercouple status, it's going to take years because I simply don't know the SORAS'd versions of these two well enough to care much. Screech2.0 needs to shut up and leave...she's weird and not in a good soapy way.

All in all, I give the relaunch first season a B-, and 1/2 of that is due to Brooke, Zach, Dr. Joe, Billy-Clyde, Opal a few pop-up Adams. If they'd have brought back Stuart - if only for one brilliant scene - the grade would have been a B+.

I'm looking forward to next season, but with the news that OLTL is on indefinite hiatus, the outlook for AMC's future just took a bit of a step back.

ETA: I didn't forget Lea. And believe me, I tried.
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