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Sep 3 2013, 08:37 AM
Sep 3 2013, 06:58 AM
Sep 3 2013, 03:09 AM
Thanks as always Jason for your research. There are 2 issues I'm having with all of this:

1) I don't disagree with most of 'dooldooldool''s points about Ali or the show, (I don't like them, but I think they're on target), but my problem is, Ali can't act. Somehow we've arrived at the point where she's the anchor of the show, yet she cannot draw attention to the screen in an emotional scene. We've seen her on shows like "Ellen" - she can be funny and engaging, though I don't personally like what she stands for. Yet NONE of that translates to her portrayal of Sami. She says her lines in a stilted manner, she cannot bring herself to tears after 20 years on a soap, and her "romantic" scenes look like she's just taking an opportunity to do a cross-promotion with her many Shape magazine covers. The show is putting all its eggs in the Ali basket, and imo that's a huge mistake.

2) The ageism. Days minimizes actresses like Deidre and Kristian, yet the #1 soap by far, Y&R, has always featured storylines with the older set. Days holds it as some sort of law that actors and actresses over a certain age can't carry story, but that's absolutely ridiculous. They can, and they'd do it much better than Ali and many of the younger set. If the ratings are any reflection, soap viewers are out there looking for multigenerational stories, and they're not getting them on Days.
Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes! ^

When "Guiding Light" was at one of it's creative peaks in the late 80's to early 90's, SOD was quick to point out that it used characters from every generation, and it made the show feel more rich in substance and real. It may be cancelled now, but that was after they had abandoned that principal.

Y&R has stuck to that principal, and it remains on top. B&B has too, even if the storylines are repetitive and recycled.

Like I said earlier in this thread, or maybe another (LOL, It's 6:30 am here in the East, West Coasters, and I am just getting up) Days has gone down hill so much since the late 90's because the show's writers stopped writing for "Days", with it's mysterious characters and rich adventurous and romantic storylines, and started writing stories aimed at a specific demographic. Guess what, other shows that use it's best vets are beating "Days" in it's most coveted demos.

We have Deidre Hall (A legend and icon),, Kristian Alfonso (A "Days" staple and known outside of soaps by many), Mary Beth Evans (Part of the Brady clan and the centerpiece of "Days" highest rated episode ever), and they let Reckell go without a fight (stupid if you figure in his importance as part of a legendary pairing, and he bridges the shows main families, the Brady's and the Horton's), and work Drake off ( A man who has essentially been the center of so many stories since he arrived on the screen, and part of a supercouple). I could go on, but you see the point.

This show is screwed when you look at what's above, and I agree that Alison Sweeney can't act her way out of a paper bag. She has NEVER been able to act. She SUCKED the moment she first appeared breaking into Roman and Marlena's house, and she SUCKS now.

Sorry for the rant, but Ellie nailing it got be going this morning. She could not be more right.
The shows failure to "pass the torch" successfully is inherently entrenched in the idea that the previous generation has to disappear in order for the new one to work. Y&R, B&B, and lately to an extent GH do it better. Multigenerational is what soaps are supposed to be about. Will it ever happen again on DAYS?
As an answer to this, isn't multigenerational storytelling and passing the torch just *not* what people want? I mean, that means less of the "older people" and more of the younger ones. Or that the older people are just supporting, which many have dubbed not used properly. It can't be had both ways.

As for Y&R, they most certainly are not using their legendary veteran cast approriately. Their A-storylines and most important characters are 30-somethings, and mostly newbies.
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