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Yes! TomSell are very boring and generic writers, nothing ever really happens. I want adventures and mysteries again. New villains who come to Salem creating danger and chaos. It doesn't need big budgets, just those few episodes back in May when Jensen took Nick and Gabi to Smith Island were great.

This may be true, but then we come back to what the Sweeps period is all about. Now granted, they might not really even work anymore in a similar way than before. I for one don't really believe that there are these periods in soap watching that hold the most weight and everything should be put at those periods. However, this is the way it currently works, and traditionally Sweeps periods have been the most climaxial. Soaps always have their slower, character interactive periods and then the more action period. It can't be all action all the time. I watch another show which is jam-packed with twist, turns and is quite physical, and imo sometimes it goes too fast. Beats don't get played on. So I don't mind or blame the show for being a bit "slow" at times or right now. Because I know it will get faster and more climaxial again going into October.

Sep 3 2013, 03:09 AM
Thanks as always Jason for your research. There are 2 issues I'm having with all of this:

1) I don't disagree with most of 'dooldooldool''s points about Ali or the show, (I don't like them, but I think they're on target), but my problem is, Ali can't act. Somehow we've arrived at the point where she's the anchor of the show, yet she cannot draw attention to the screen in an emotional scene. We've seen her on shows like "Ellen" - she can be funny and engaging, though I don't personally like what she stands for. Yet NONE of that translates to her portrayal of Sami. She says her lines in a stilted manner, she cannot bring herself to tears after 20 years on a soap, and her "romantic" scenes look like she's just taking an opportunity to do a cross-promotion with her many Shape magazine covers. The show is putting all its eggs in the Ali basket, and imo that's a huge mistake.

2) The ageism. Days minimizes actresses like Deidre and Kristian, yet the #1 soap by far, Y&R, has always featured storylines with the older set. Days holds it as some sort of law that actors and actresses over a certain age can't carry story, but that's absolutely ridiculous. They can, and they'd do it much better than Ali and many of the younger set. If the ratings are any reflection, soap viewers are out there looking for multigenerational stories, and they're not getting them on Days.

I also do not think that AS leaving would automatically cancel the show. Granted, she is the star on the show, I actually don't mind that. I liked Sami for years as a bad girl and I was happy that they made her a central figure on the show. What I don't like is if they try to change her character in order for that work, i.e. the Safe pairing, and trying to make Sami a long-suffering, faux-virginal heroine. That's not who she is. So even though Sami has her annoying moments, I like that she is now portrayed true to the core: impulsive, rash, acts before thinks, arrogant, etc. So I like that aspect of it.

And also, I have to say that IMO Sami's prominence on the show has evened out a lot over the year. This time in 2011 there was no doubt about around who the show revolved around, but now there has been a new focal point, I would say in addition to Sami: Kristen. ED coming on last fall clearly made Sami take a backseat. For much of last fall and this spring she was mainly supporting Will's storyline. Even when she got mixed up in the fight with Nick, it was still Will's storyline, of which she was supporting. Only when she shot Bernardi, it became Sami's storyline. And her whole triangle with EJ and Rafe was a B-storyline in my opinion, not A. And even now, although she is one of the A-storylines, she isn't dominating the screen alone. Kristen's is the other one, and I would still even say hers is the most important one. It can be told by Ken Corday's fall preview alone. That's why I'm worried about what will happen once ED leaves, though. I absolutely think that it will not mean more Hope, Marlena, Kayla, Abe, etc. but instead even more of Sami & Daniel. The cake that some might say has been divided in three now (Kristen, Sami, Daniel) will be the same cake divided in two. And frankly, if the additional airtime would go to Rafe/Kate/Jordan or JJ/Theresa, I can't say it would be any better.

Re: the ageism, I have to say, that I don't agree with it. ED is 53 years old, and I have actually many times thought how great, wonderful and rare it is that she has gotten this prominence. On that other show she has been on, she would never get it now. I'm very impressed with the show for that.
I agree that Sami is not the one and only anymore on the show. Kristen has recieved a great deal of story since ED came back. Not to mention Daniel and Jennifer - that story has been uninterrupted for a long while now. These are my thoughts regarding the characters: When ED leaves the show, more screen time will obviously be made available for others. I know I'm a bit of a lone wolf regarding this opinion: I'm not interested in seeing Hope, Marlena, Kayla and Abe in an A-story. Why? Because these characters simply do not speak to me. It's not that I don't like the characters - it's just that I long for a story driven by an anti-heroine and an anti-hero. I find these kinds of characters a bit more fascinating - they get me hooked. The characters which drove stories back in the 90's... I don't think that is what's on demand today. Therefore, I consider Sami to be much more interesting than the others. But of course - the very writing (storytelling) needs some improvements as well.
I'm exactly the opposite. I long for a story where a true hero or heroine gets fleshed out and their own POV, and not the anti-hero / anti-heroine narrative that Days has been serving up for the last decade. Days lost its true axis somewhere in the 2000's -- the 90's stories were still driven by the drama between archetypes (Marlena vs. Kristen, Sami vs. Carrie, Hope vs. Billie) , but there is no balance when only the bad girl or bad boy gets their motives and emotional lives fleshed out, and the hero or heroine characters are offscreen, written with one dimension, or non-existent (Kayla vs. Ava, Marlena vs. Kristen round two). Part of that reflects that Days' particular heroine formula doesn't age well as the characters do -- part of the reason that killing Bo off seems to be one of the few options for Hope right now -- but it's not like the so-called anti-hero characters (particularly Sami and Kristen) have developed credibly either. Kristen telling me in dialogue that she is fascinating doesn't make it so, it just makes me roll my eyes at how the writers are enthralled with their own work.

I'm relieved that Eileen is leaving because what they gave her didn't appeal to me at all, but I'm not sure I'll pick up Days again unless the story really picks up. Besides, GH is getting good again and still understands how to work with these soap staples.
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