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Sep 4 2013, 12:05 PM
deVry works for me as Julian when he's in scenes with Ava. The minute Julian is in scenes with Alexis and Sam, I just can't get into them. Especially considering all I can think about is how awesome and much more suited for the role Peter Reckell would've been. Watching "Derek" and Sam bond yesterday was nice until I remembered that Julian is Sam's dad. I'm just having trouble buying deVry as Sam's dad. He looks like he could be her own age!

As for Sam and Silas, I don't know. The chemistry between Monaco and Easton is there. It's just that I'm not sure I can support the pairing of Sam and Silas. When Easton was still playing John McBain, I don't know, it just felt natural when the two met. And their characters gelled together. I'm not getting that with Silas. Still seems forced.

Loved Britt going into desperation mode. Naming Brad as the father, and then saying she was just hoping the baby would look more like her than him to make it pass was great and I think Thiebaud played Britt's desperation to cover well. And I loved Nikolas coming in and threatening to harm Patrick if he didn't leave Britt alone. Britt has her own hero. Her own Batman to her Catwoman.

I'm really starting to root for Felix and Brad. I like the layers they're adding to Brad. I can't wait to see today's episode, and I hope Felix consoles Brad after Patrick hits him. Perfect timing for a real first kiss.
Yeah, I agree with you all the way. Julian is sexy and I can see him being a love interest for Sam more so than Alexis. He just does not look old enough.

Sam and Silas does seem weird. Maybe if the writers didn't bring him on so weird and cold. Or maybe if Easton had played it differently. They just don't do it for me.

Would love to see Brick, but we need to get past this baby story quickly. Would hate to see Brick fall in love, take care of her baby and then find out it's actually Lante's baby.

This guy who plays Brad does a brilliant job flipping back and forth between being a jerk and being genuine. He is very believable playing both. His nice guy scenes with Felix are tender. Would love to see more.
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