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Episode 21 is posted

For decades, Roman Brady has been one of Salem's most respected police officers.

Scenes show Roman at the Cop Shop over the years. They begin with him and Marlena at the safehouse. Then we see Roman with Abe in the early 1980s, Roman and Marlena arguing in the station in 1991, Roman grinning after he and Bo stop Rafi Torres, and, more recently, Roman lecturing the Salem University football players in the cellblock.

Now he has confessed to murder.

In the final scene from last episode, Roman says, "I'm guilty. I killed Stefano."

As Salem is rocked by the news. . . .

Carrie and Belle are in the Pub. Carrie looks at the television and she looks shocked as she sees a picture of Roman on the screen with a banner that reads: "Top Cop Arrested for Murder.

Shane is on his phone in the ISA safehouse. Behind him, Andrew is seated at a table. A television is showing footage of Roman. Shane has an obvious look of concern.

In his living room, Abe hangs up his phone, a stunned look on his face. He says something that causes Lexie to clap her hand over her mouth.

At the hospital, Kim gasps in shock and Marlena mouths something that appears to be "That's impossible."

Sami and EJ are stopped by a police officer as they try to pass through a door at the police station.

In a prison cell, Roman looks through the bars at Carrie with a soft smile on his face. He tells her, "This is the best thing for everyone."

One woman celebrates her victory.

Elena stares through the cell bars at Roman and gloats. "The law has finally caught up with you, Roman Brady."

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