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Um hello? She said there is no timetable. ES doesn't say things out of turn. She's a pro at talking the party line. Right now, she's saying what PP has said. At some point, she might get fed up enough to speak her mind (as she's done a few times in the past), but for now, she's being optimistic for the fans. OLTL is the redheaded step-child. It has always been that way. Even AN seemed to prefer AMC over OLTL and she created it!

The characters PP are squawking over are redundant. Todd was the only character that really needed to come back for the sake of the ridiculous tattoo story if only just to finish it (which still didn't happen). Starr was useless as was Cole. John, ugh. He wasn't needed, either. Natalie was much better off without him. As for the loss of the Tea/Victor baby. With the tattoo story, they had the perfect way to 'undead' the baby. Todd could have been forced, for the sake of his children, his sister, etc., to tell Tea that the baby had died so that the tattooies (seriously? the least they could have done was given this crazy assed organization a name by the finale) could take it and raise it to do their bidding. Bam! Simple as that, the problem of the dead Tea/Victor baby is solved.

I agree that PP did this because they aren't getting the money from ABC they thought they would by starting the lawsuit in the first place. If OLTL comes back, hell if AMC is given a definite date for its 2nd season, I'll be amazed.
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