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It's weird how when the OLTL 3 first came on last year, Roger Howarth's Todd Manning was my favorite, followed by McBain. While I could clearly tell McBain was a favorite of Ron's, I appreciated the fact that we had a good guy---a cop---as one of the heros of the show. I never bought into the whole Jason/hit-man/enforcer-as-hero, so seeing McBain be the one to rescue Sam and Lulu from Ronnie last year was a refreshing change. And I loved Todd and all his hilarious one liners.

Fast forward to a year later and I haven't been nearly as happy with the new characters, and I find Silas to be the least annoying. And I preferred the dynamic between McBain/Sam to Silas/Sam. I think the OLTL 3 introductions this time around has been more forced and in-our-faces than last year---the OLTL characters of Todd, McBain and Starr seemed to fit more organically into the canvas than Franco, Silas and Kiki. I do place a lot of the blame for the messiness this year on the ABC/Disney/Prospect Park clusterfuck. On a side note, I feel SOOOOOOOO bad for the One Life fans who are continuing to be jerked around by this never-ending drama.

One thing that's stayed pretty much the same for me is my feeling that I can take or leave Kristen Alderson.
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