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S loves EJ
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Besides, hypocrisy is well-known on this show, if we want to go that route. There are lots of cases where someone is judging someone else, when 10 years and 50 writers ago, the criticizing character was doing bad stuff, too. Characters get redeemed, characters get re-written, and as we know, new writers cannot keep things consistent to save their souls....
I'd like to see a list, and a time analysis ie in x years on the show Kristin did this vs x years on the show Nicole did this.

I tend to believe that a lot of Nicole's crimes seem to have extenuating circumstances (ie Victor kind of deserved to be killed) ( Sami pretty much deserved every assault/cat fight) ( EJ deserved to be blackmailed when she knew he was Sydney's kidnapper) (Vivian deserved to be left in the Sarcophagus)(but maybe I am just biased) and I didn't see a lot of Kristin's first run so maybe her earlier crimes did too.
They didn't. The choices she made were purely selfish. Nobody did anything to her to cause her to make the horribly selfish decisions she made. Sure she lost her baby, and sure she knew John loved Marlena, but John was committed to her and she could have just told him she lost the baby. She could have walked away and kept her digbity. John should have been honest with her and with Marlena, and he stayed with Kristen because he couldn't have Marlena, so in some ways he was culpable. But Kristen began scheming the minute she saw that there were still strong feelings btw John and Marlena.
Nicole did the same thing though whenever she wanted Brady the first time and he wanted Chloe. Nicole is no better. Probably why I've always liked her too.
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