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Sep 5 2013, 10:54 AM
Sep 5 2013, 10:44 AM
I miss Matthew Ashford/Jack so much.
Me too! I wish they'd bring him back with amnesia (yes, that soap cliche). He could've been knocked unconscious from the fall, woken up with a PTSD attack and no other recollection of anything. Thinking people were after him, he ditched his possessions on a corpse he found in the rubble, and fled.

He could be living in a neighboring town as a bartender, darker and rough around the edges. Vargas, who got out of prison by this time could meet Jack and befriend him due to his mutual dark and mysterious past which he no doubt could identity with. :)
I like the amnesia scenario for Jack too, and given his year-long ordeal in Afghanistan and the lack of support he received from those who claimed to love him, I think it's entirely plausible that his fall in the elevator could have caused total memory blockage. Whether he fled in confusion or whether he was misidentified and taken to another hospital (which happens more often than one might think), I'd like to imagine that he built himself a new life and a new identity, formed some new connections, including perhaps a romantic one, and became darker, edgier, and scarily competent--maybe a mix of Spectator-era Jack and ISA-era Steve. MA shone as PTSD-stricken Jack, but I wouldn't want him to remain that broken, abject, and submissive for the rest of his life. And wherever he is, I want JJ to be the one to find him, bring him home, and then ream out Jennifer and Abigail for giving up so easily and moving on too fast!
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