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Sep 2 2013, 11:02 AM
^^ That's a good point... they're not promoting the trial or making it a pivotal event as much as they could/should be. I was actually thinking back to John's trial in Aremid or even Sami's in 1999. The viewers were really hooked in to those as being potential life or death situations for the characters. I think Ali's acting here is also not helping. I mean really... if someone is thinking that they may have to spend years in jail away from their kids, and they're talking about how old their kids will be when they get out of jail, you know what they should be doing? CRYING. Can't she even use eyedrops and fake it? Ali's doing those scenes the same as any Sami difficulty she's encountered, or the same as some weigh-in drama on TBL. I wish they'd make her take acting lessons.
So..so....SO MUCH THIS!!!! :hail:
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