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Viewing Single Post From: Molly Burnettt Talks About Possibly Returning

Sep 7 2013, 11:10 AM
I actually like Melanie. I wouldn't mind if she came back, at least for a few eps.

I'd rather her than Daniel >.>
I don't like Melanie, but I'd tolerate her (brief) return for one of two reasons. To usher Daniel permanently off the show, or to be un-Hortoned and un-Jonased. Make her Lawrence Alamain's kid, after all, have her return to tearfully confess the news to Daniel and Maggie. The latter, I'm sure, will tell her that the change makes no difference. The former will be a douche, and withdraw from her emotionally once he learns there's no biological tie--the way he did when he thought Parker was Philip's. Melanie can then depart again to live with Carly, the only parent she's sure of. I'd like it even more if that led to Victor confessing that he sired Daniel via sperm deposit, but let Maggie think he was her egg baby, so Philip wouldn't know he'd inadvertently married his own niece.
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