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Sep 7 2013, 05:05 PM
Sep 6 2013, 01:51 PM
Sep 6 2013, 01:47 PM
I couldn't help but compare Elvis' letter to Sami in jail to John's jailhouse letter to Marlena and how much more powerful and significant and worthy it was to that slop Elvis wrote.
considering all the screen time EJami have shared in the "Sami's cell" set, i'm surprised there was something EJ had to write on paper that he hadn't already told her 100 times before.
had we not gotten all those jail scenes, maybe the letter would've been more effective and touching. it just seems like EJami filler and a crumb for the fans.

The Scorpion
Sep 6 2013, 03:23 PM
Sep 6 2013, 01:48 PM
EJ doesn't know the meaning of the word love and I don't believe hes in love with the person he raped,manhandled and used domestic violence on and tried to kill along with her family and her kids before they were born,he looks riddiculous and this so called professing his love and sacrafice things EJ knows nothing about looks riddiculous on him as well he knows nothing of these words with the person he totured for 7 years and he looks really dumb doing this and his actions aren't even believeable.

The viewers haven't forgotten what EJ did to Sami and her whole family over the last seven tears. Again this is an epic fail it isn't remotely believeable that EJ is in love with the person he raped and tortured and made her life hell for the last 7years and neither is Sami being in love with the person that raped her and laughed at her pain with the fake rafe and more and didn't care that he did and that she shot in the head.
Well, I'd say this, I buy their passionate sex scenes as well as their love. I could also say that the Days writers who all have been different when it comes to writing for EJ and Sami - they have created one of Daytimes most interesting relationships. I mean, despite their shitty past these two can not quit each other and attract each other like magnets. And comparing a complicated pair like EJami with Jarlena is both foolish and unsuccessful in my opinion. These are two completely different relationships. Also, I like how viewers are not interested in the boring couples like Dannifer and company. My point is, that, due to EJ and Sami being so unpredictable and passionate, nothing is taken for granted in their relationship. It can turn either way - and we've seen that on the show. They've waged war on each other but right now only love reigns. In a soap a lot of stuff can happen to one couple. A lot hinged on how the actors tackle this in their scenes. So thanks to JS and Ali's chemistry, I as a viewer buys every scene between them. This is my opinion, but I just wanted people to know that there are viewers who happily buy the stuff they deliver. And I don't think I'm the only one, considering their popularity.

No, you are certainly not the only one. I would venture a guess that the majority of the audience is buying and enjoying the heck of it. TPTB knows they cannot please everyone.
Sep 6 2013, 04:25 PM
Sep 6 2013, 01:57 PM
The writers continue to fail to muster some semblance of real love between EJ and Sami. It's like as long as they keep saying they love one another over and over, people might actually believe it. I don't, jmo. It takes more than words and EJ (and Sami's actions) for years have soured everything about them as a couple. Their (dirt) poor man's version of whatever it is I'm supposed to be seeing is not inspiring me at all. When I prefer to watch crazy obssessive Nick and Gabi aver these two, something is clearly wrong.
For me, it's because I have zero interest in Sami's love life. Period. She's always been this needy girl who has never grown up (I don't care how many children she spawns) and who is always desperate to have a man in her life. And I frankly don't care if she has one or not. I'm not interested in watching her. She has no elegance or charisma or sex appeal. It's like watching my next door neighbor if they suddenly got a job on TV.

While I respect your opinion, considering how popular Sami/AS is, I would say that most viewers disagree.
:cheer: I loved the scene where EJ was writing the love letter.
I loved seeing him in the Robe and his chest showing.
I was glad to see EJ looking comfortable.
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