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What else could she be referring to? Simply being in jail/prison. That alone is an unpleasant experience. That's why there are shows like Scared Straight, where bad kids experience what it's like in jail for a day or two, in an effort to get them back on the right track. I think JJ could use a night or two in jail. He needs to see where his actions could lead him.
JJ is stupid.He would know prison is not a nice place for anyone just from general knowledge.Hope and Lucas have both been in prison,she could have said ask Hope or Lucas but she specifically said Nick which is why I believe she was referring to prison rape.I just don't think a mother should say this to her son just before he is escorted to a jail cell.
I don't think Jen has been understanding to JJ, but I absolutely do not believe she was referencing Nick's being raped in prison when she mentioned him to JJ. She mentioned him because he is someone who JJ knows.

Also, Nick was in prison most recently of the three.

Moreover, while many people know that they should not commit crimes or they will end up prison, some kids need to experience prison first hand to remember that. I see it all the time on those shows. They think they are bad asses and can get away with anything. A few hours later, they are crying for their parents and promising to go back on the straight and narrow. While some will never get that message (see Stefano, EJ (and I'm perfectly fine with that ;) ), I hope JJ does.
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