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Sep 5 2013, 11:13 AM
I loved OLTL before they brought it back. In my opinion they should have left well enough alone. Everyone started to move on and accepted the cancellation. I didn't like the reboot. Acting was bad and the stories didn't do much for me. I watched like 10 episodes and I am sorry i did. I should have kept the original finale in my mind. Now fans will be once again cheated if it doesn't come back and we are left with the mess that was created.
I kind of felt the same way about the re-launch of AMC. There were mixed emotions for me about it - knowing they didn't have Susan Lucci, MEK, Alicia Minshew, etc and that David Canary was on only for a limited amount of time made me very hesitant to see it. But all in all, I'm glad I've watched it - the storylines were kind of jumbled a bit & some things simply were not explained, but watching David and Jesse spar, Angie and Opal and Dixie and finally seeing what a slimey freak Billy Clyde is (I didn't watch when he was on previously), and the rest of the cast has been fun. I didn't expect it to pick up precisely where the finale left off, but that's okay with me since it might lead to some storylines further down the road if there is one. At this point, I'm really hoping it & OLTL do continue - if only to show ABC, NBC and CBS that there ARE soap viewers out here and we want more.
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