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Sep 8 2013, 09:26 AM
Spencer Hastings
Sep 8 2013, 12:50 AM
Sep 7 2013, 09:07 PM
if anyone's interested, here's Jen Lilley on Soap Box with Martha Madison! From 9/6/13.


They start interviewing her I think around 13mins in. And they get a bit into the twitter debacle with her/Kirsten/Farah. Just wish I knew what they said behind the scenes (though I can guess, lol).
LOL, I love Martha. "I guess I got recaaaasstt...."

I was thinking about that in the beginning of the interview. You know she wouldn't have let Jen on the show if she'd turned out to be Belle like I (and apparently Martha) originally thought.

I would kill to know what they said about Kirsten Storms once they stopped recording. Those knowing looks they exchanged were GOLDEN.
Yes!! Omg I want to know!!! That had to be pure gold.
Back in 2004, after Kirsten Storms' primetime show was canceled, wasn't there a rumor that Kirsten asked Corday if she could return to the role of Belle? But Corday refused because Martha Madison was playing Belle at the time. I always thought that might've caused some tension between Martha and Kirsten. (If the rumor is true, then I'm glad that Corday refused because Martha was always my favorite Belle.)
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